Setting up your new transportable building can be as easy as having it delivered and or installed.

The delivery process is easy, firstly you choose who you would like to deliver your portable building, whether it is PANELFAB, or an independent party of your choosing and PANELFAB simply loads the transportable building onto the Transport.

Secondly we can guide you when it comes to working out what kind of transport is required, either a tilt tray truck or a crane truck or a semi. Generally crane trucks are only used for smaller buildings.

Thirdly it is then determined what position the unit should be placed on the truck for best installation.

Lastly we need to know about site accessibility, whether the ground is paved or dirt, is the land area sloping or flat, if there are gates? if so what size they are. Then we will organise a time and date for the delivery and or installation of your building.


  • Choose your transport - PANELFAB or an independent
  • Placement of transportable on the truck
  • Transport type (tilt tray, semi, or crane truck)
  • Site accessibility
  • Organising a time and date



  • Depending on your needs and location, we can arrange delivery throughout Australia and or installation to specified areas of the East Coast of Australia.
  • If required we can arrange full installation of buildings onto steel posts in concrete footings or onto blocks with in ground tie downs.
  • Stairs and handrails to front and rear doors
  • Covered Decks and handrails including fully disabled compliant