Portable buildings for hire range from portable Offices, Lunch rooms, toilets and ablution blocks. PANELFAB can accommodate any portable building hire need.

The transportables are delivered and bolted together onsite, (when required for larger buildings), therefore offering the economics of a quick installation coupled with the flexibility of layout as PANELFAB offers a wide range of upgrades for each portable building for hire.

PANELFAB portable buildings are available for hire directly from our 3 locations being: - Wacol, Bundaberg & Gracemere (see the CONTACT US page for location details). however, there is also a network of hire companies who purchase PANELFAB buildings and re-hire them to you.  These companies support us in the supply of portable building hire, as some clients prefer to hire locally.

Whether your transportable needs are for the short or long term there is a portable building for hire to suit your situation.

Our standard range of portable buildings for hire include,

  • 3.6m x 3m

  • 4.8m x 3m

  • 6m x 3m

  • 9m x 3m

  • 12m x 3m

However, there is flexibility in meeting your layout requirements, as PANELFAB manufactures, maintains, and refurbishes the entire product line of portable offices, and buildings for hire.  Furniture and accessories are also supplied as required to ensure the transportables are furnished to your needs and budget.