PANELFAB have spent their 50 years of industry experience honing and perfecting the installation process for clients, at the most cost effective rate.

Our installation team are trained to deal with the most demanding and challenging situations, while ensuring the process is trouble free for our clients.

We can provide all of your transportables fully complete and installed, ready for site service connections.

Only PANELFAB personnel will be involved in the installation process to ensure complete client satisfaction.  The business owner will also usually be actively involved and hands on in the site install, thus ensuring committed ownership of this crucial part of the transaction.


Our system provides you with a completed building, ready for site services hook-up. By allowing customers to arrange their own electrician and plumber to hook-up the building, we help you save money as you can use local, rather than travelling tradespeople for this final process



  • Site Works – Setting out site and digging holes for stump footings
  • Installation of steel stumps - in concrete to engineer's requirements
  • Or placement of blocks and the in-ground tie down
  • Delivery and placement of the building(s) on the steel post or block system
  • Joining and finishing – joining and waterproofing of building modules
  • Installation of decking system (if ordered)
  • Installation of stairs (if ordered)
  • Transit Maintenance – on site touch ups to ensure your new transportable is in faultless condition
  • Final inspection prior to handover
  • Handover of building


Documentation after the initial contract is signed we provide you with a working drawing and instructions so you can easily explain to your local plumber and electrician what is required.

Electrical and Plumbing Estimate Your local plumber and electrician provide you with an estimate of costs – we recommend you compare prices to ensure value for money.

Plans and Drawings At your request (a cost is involved) we can arrange for the draftsman’s drawings, engineer's certificate, and energy efficiency report for you to submit to council.

Council Submission Forms (This service is NOT provided by Panelfab). Once you have selected your preferred plumber and electrician they need to complete the forms necessary so you are able to finalise the council application process. (The Plumber will need to complete a drainage plan and a FORM 7 which are required when you submit your building application to council.) Once you have received the required documentation you can then begin the council submission process.

Once you have received council approval we schedule your building for construction and provide you with an estimated delivery and installation date so you can tentatively reserve your plumber and electrician for hook-up. We will then send you a deposit invoice and once this is paid, we can add you to our construction schedule.

Construction Construction of your building commences.
Delivery and or Installation dates confirmed.
Hook-up Once building is installed you then arrange for your plumber and electrician to hook-up your building.
Council then inspect and provides you with a certificate of occupancy.